Monday, May 18, 2009

Gas Station Flowers....

You know you need to get out more when the gas station is where you go to take your flower pics! :-} Oh well - they were there - I had a camera...... hope you enjoy them:

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Original Colors

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Have a Great Week!




Max said...

Hey Bill,

Oh my Lord, such gorgeous flowers (I admit I prefer them in their original colour): you have captured them extremely well, Bill :D! They are so soft and delicate...very beautiful!

Thank you for the wishes...
Have a great week yourself, mate!


OregonArtGuy said...

Thanks Max! Good to see you - you have a great week too!

Artist Unplugged said...

Wow, these are really pretty, some of them look like paintings.

OregonArtGuy said...

Thanks Teresa: That's the look I was going for in 2 of them, so I really appreciate your comments - thanks for stopping by :-}

Susanne49 said...

I love your gas station flowers, nice experiments!
Sue's Daily Photography

OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Sue:! Thanks - I'm surprised you were able to get to my blog - Blogger is messed up and keeps giving error messages! Hope you are enjoying your journey - thanks for stopping by :-}

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