Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fuchsias!.... More Fuchsias!

Yes! - More Fuchsias! But today I thought I'd give you a blow by blow visual of going from an unedited photo to where ever I end up - Hope you enjoy :-}

(click to enlarge)

Original unedited photo

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Cropped and edited

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Edited (tweaked) some more

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Edited (tweaked) yet some more

So there you Have it. I'm sure that I'm not done playing with this photo, but that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the blow by blow account - Boy, I live Photoshop!! :-}Seeya,



Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow... Thats amazing. Its a great program and looks like you're having fun with it. Love the last affect you got with the blues.

OregonArtGuy said...

Thanks Cris - I DO definitely have fun with it! It can almost make an artist out of a schlep with no artistic talent! :-]

Laura said...

Very cool now I have to ask which Photoshop do you use?

oh and by the way there were no flowers to follow lol

Artist Unplugged said...

I have three words: Martian Ballet Dancers

Now I have more than's neat to see your process. My son is in college and will major in art/advertising or something along those lines. He had a class last year where he worked with photoshop alot and really enjoyed it.

OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Laura: Thanks for stopping by :-} I use CS2 - can't afford an upgrade, but I haven't come close to learning how to use CS2 yet - so that's OK.
I feel a storm brewing - give me SMan's email, quick! :-}
It's a guy thing - I'm absolutely positive that the thought of his statement applying to you, never even crossed his mind! - trust me! :-}

OregonArtGuy said...

Unplugged: Hi Teresa - I only wish I was more proficient with CS2 - someday...
You have an interesting perspective on the fuchsias I see the implant was succesful :-}