Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Freezing Fog Photos and some FUNNIES!

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Old Gas Station in Kent,OR

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Old Gas Pump in Kent, OR - HWY 97

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Freezing Fog on Tree Branches near Grass Valley, OR - Hwy 97

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Lone Red Tailed Hawk in a tree covered with freezing fog near Grass Valley, OR

And as promised - A FUNNY -

This is a Detective story so pay close attention. Three elderly ladies are excited about their first Mariners baseball game. They smuggled a bottle of Jack Daniels into the game. The game is real exciting and they are immensely enjoying themselves drinking Jack Daniels mixed with soft drinks. Soon they realize that the bottle of Jack Daniels is almost gone and the game has a lot of innings to go. Based on the given information, what inning are they playing, and what is the present status of the game?


Think some more!

You're gonna love it.

Answer: It's the bottom of the fifth and the bags are loaded!

OregonArtGuy :-}


AVCr8teur said...

Now that is an old gas station and pump compared to the one I saw! Is that in a ghost town? A photographer's dream.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Thanks for the chuckle & couple arrghs this morning. Good one :)))
Those photos are awesome. I feel for that poor hawk on the tree top.
That was just freezing fog? Amazing. I like how a little bit of warm color peeks though all the cool colors of winter.

OregonArtGuy said...

AVCr8tuer: A phtpgraphers dream indeed! If it hadn't been so cold, I probably would have taken more pics(still have about 10 more) A ghost town - I think it has a population of like 3.

OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Cris:
That's what I was thinking about that hawk, and yes - just freezing fog - I've never seen anything like it! I'll share more pics tomorrow. BTW your picture is on it's way :-}

AVCr8teur said...

Hey Bill, Now is that a ghost town with 3 people or 3 ghosts? And, is it still a ghost town if there is someone living there? :)

OregonArtGuy said...

It's not much more than a wide spot in the road - didn't see anybody the day I went thru - but there must be some live ones - I'll take a better look next time :-}

Kelsi said...

I grew up in Kent actually. For the most part it is a ghost town as most of the people who live there are farmers who live out of town. It's population is more like 25 :D

OregonArtGuy said...

Kelsi - Thank you so much for your comment! It's nice to get some input from someone who actually knows the area!