Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beautiful Giclee Print "OCTOBER"

Yesterday I had the opportunity to print a beautiful giclee print on matte canvas of the painting "OCTOBER" by James Tissot. It is a wonderful example of Tissot's work hightlighting of period fashion with scenic backgrounds. It is one of our favorites - We look forward to hearing from the nice lady in Minnesota who ordered it. To view this and more of Tissot's work, visit: Impressionism Art Of James Tissot or see the slide show below.

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The nice lady from Minnesota said this:

Dear Bill and Pat,
I am absolutely THRILLED with OCTOBER by JJ Tissot!
I am so happy I happened upon your website. This is a picture I had been looking for for a long time and not knowing the artist's name was my biggest drawback.
You were so helpful in describing the different options I had for this print and right now I am anxiously waiting for help to stretch it onto the stretcher bars.
I also found it very interesting reading about JJ Tissot and his relationship with the woman in the picture, Miss Newton. I like having the history behind artwork.
Thank you so much for the great job and the helpful customer service. Sincerely, Mary Jo B